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Mickey 1st Birthday Party Supplies, Mickey Party Supplies

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies are an adorable way for you and your little Mickey fan to help celebrate the big day. Our charming Mickey Mouse first birthday supplies include, themed cups, plates, napkins and other tableware will make your birthday table look fantastic. While our Mickey Mouse first birthday decorations and favors will add excitement to your party setting and thank your guests for their attendance. Enjoy your little one’s special day a little more when you choose these wonderful Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies.

Mickey Mouse Trivia and Fun Facts

We think trivia is fun, especially Mickey Mouse trivia. So, we thought we’d provide some Mickey Mouse trivia and fun facts. Use these at your next party and/or come up with some on your own. Ask them as part of a game, or write the questions and answers on your Mickey themed tableware. Be sure to have fun with it, and your guests will too. Okay, here we go:

When was Mickey Mouse created and who created him?

Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.

What character was Mickey Mouse created to replace?

Mickey was created to replace Oswald the Lucky Duck

What was Mickey Mouse’s original name?

Mortimer Mouse

Why did Disney like the idea of Mickey Mouse only having three fingers on each hand?

First, it looked better on a mouse. He figured five fingers “would look like a bunch of bananas”. Second, Disney figured that by drawing only 3 fingers on each cartoon strip, the studio would save a lot of money in time and effort from its artists. He believed this saved them millions of dollars over time.

Who was Mickey’s nemesis who, over time, mellowed in his rivalry with Mickey?


Hopefully, that’s enough trivia to get you started. Remember, it’s easy to come up with trivia on your own if you need more and plan on incorporating it into your party. Remember, have fun and make your party look sensational with the help of our Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party Supplies!