Ducky 1st Birthday Party Supplies

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Ducky 1st Birthday Supplies

Quack, quack! Take a swim the adorable ducky on our Ducky 1st Birthday party supplies! Choose from a wide selection of Ducky tableware, party favors, decorations and more to make your little one's first birthday just the way you want it to be.

The History of the Rubber Duck

The first appearance of rubber duckies dates back to the 19th century, with the emergence of rubber manufacturing. The first duck sculpture was created in the 1940s by Peter Ganine, who patented the design and created it as a floating toy. It got over 50,000,000 sales! That's a lot of ducks!

Jim Henson further popularized rubber duckies in 1970 when he performed the infamous "Rubber Duckie" song and "DUCKIE" as Ernie from the Muppets. Ernie carried his duck with him often and spoke to it like a friend.

The 2007 Guinness World Record holds the World's Largest Rubber Duck Collection at 1,439 ducks owned by Charlotte Lee. I like ducks that overboard or is it me?

Duck Races

Many charities and other organizations worldwide use ducky derbies as a hugely successful fundraising campaign. People who sponsor ducks donate money to these organizations, and the winning duck sponsor gets a prize at the end of the race.

A Rubber Ducky Birthday Party

Is a "rubber duckie the one" for your little one? If so, utilize our adorable Ducky party supplies above to help complete your big day. Visit our Rubber Ducky page for over a hundred ducky accessory options. Merry quacking!