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Dinosaur Train Party Supplies go along great with these birthday party ideas

The fun animated series comes to life with a special birthday party plan. Invite all your friends over to hang out with Buddy, Tiny and the rest of the Dinosaur Train gang for a memorable birthday bash. Check out these ideas for party games and fun food for a Dinosaur Train party that go along great with the Dinosaur Train Party Supplies.


Deck Out in Dino Gear – Right when your guests arrive; get everyone in the mood with the right dinosaur gear. Have a fun in-house tattoo studio with dino temporary tattoos that you can sponge on, then also offer face painting or simple dinosaur masks. It’s an easy and fun way to get everyone into the Dinosaur Train spirit.

Hatching Eggs – This is like a piñata but for each child. This time, the “egg” is actually a balloon. Before the party, add fun plastic Dinosaur Train toys into the balloons for the treasure. Then, the kids can sit on their balloon and see what “hatches.”

Find Tiny – Tiny the Pteranodon likes to hide in crevices in trees and in hidden holes; and you can have your kids look for Tiny in her hiding place. Get a bunch of different plastic dino toys and one green pteranodon to represent Tiny. Then hide the toys around the house or yard in crevices, and then have the kids hunt around for the real Tiny.

Eruptions! – Build your own volcano using playdough for an educational activity that everyone will love. First, have the kids each make a mountain using their own bit of dough. Press down into the dough to make a small hole just like a volcano. Then add a teaspoon of baking soda into the indent. One by one, add a small bit of red vinegar into the indent and watch what happens!


Molten Lava Cakes – Make mini chocolate cakes with a fudge center. Use a cupcake tray to make individual devil’s food chocolate cakes, adding fudge icing in the center to be the “lava.” Once cooled, dribble fudge down the side.

Dino Fossil Treats – Make peanut butter cookies, but before they are fully cooked, press in plastic dinosaur toys to make a “fossil” imprint. For fun, you can use plastic molds to make footprints in the cookies.

Tiny’s Fried Fish – Tiny loves fish and make the treats kid-friendly by serving mini fried fish snacks like salmon cakes, crab cakes and fried fish fingers. Serve on a huge platter so everyone can pick and choose.

Dinosaurs A-Z – Serve alphabet crackers along with other trail mix, and play the Dinosaur A-Z song so kids can practice their ABCs.