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Cars 1st Birthday Party Supplies, Cars Birthday Supplies

Disney Cars 1st Birthday Party Supplies are a super cute addition to our selection of 1st birthday themes. Your guests will love seeing your adorable style when you decorate your special occasion with these wonderful cars plates, cups, napkins and other Disney Cars birthday party supplies. Whether celebrating at home or in another location, you and your guests will love these charming Disney Cars 1st birthday party supplies!

Cars Trivia and Fun Facts

The first Cars movie was released in 2006 by Pixar and was a story about a rookie racecar named Lightning McQueen who gets lost on his way to an important race in the small town of Radiator Springs. Unfortunately for him, he accidentally damages the town’s road and is forced to repair it before he can leave. While there, he learns valuable lessons and learns to appreciate the other cars in town like Tow Mater, Sally Carrera, Doc Hudson, and others.

In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen returns to the screen, but this time he’s competing in the World Grand Prix in japan, Italy and Europe. There, he must compete against his rival, Francesco Bernoulli, and against those who would try to sabotage the race. New characters are introduced and some old ones from the first movie return in this fun adventure.

Okay, so now that we’re caught up on the movies, here’s some interesting trivia questions for you. These can easily be incorporated into your next party, whether you make a party game out of them, or simply ask them for the fun of it.

Q: In the original Cars movie, who provides the voice for Sally Carrera?
A: Bonnie Hunt

Q: What is Cars Land and where is it located?
A: Cars Land is a Cars-themed area in the Disney California Adventure Park (part of Disneyland). It contains a replica of Radiator Springs.

Q: In the original Cars, what sponsorship opportunity does Lightning McQueen turn down?
A: Dinoco

Q: When was Cars 2 released?
A: Cars 2 was released on June 24, 2011.

Q: In Cars 2 what is the British spy’s name who fakes his own death?
A: Finn McMissile is the British spy who fakes his own death.

There’s plenty more Cars trivia that you can find for yourself that will liven up any birthday. For maximum fun, be sure to combine Cars trivia with our fabulous Cars activity books and Cars 1st Birthday Party Supplies!