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Bee Party Supplies and Bee Baby Shower Supplies

Our adorable and stylish Bee party supplies are a wonderfully charming addition to any birthday party, baby shower or other celebration. Decorate your party tables with these vivid bee plates, cups, decorations, favors and other fun baby shower supplies and your guests will be thrilled. Make your day a little more special with the help of these lovely and colorful Bee party supplies!

Bee Party Activities

Bug Eating Challenge: Give each guest a bowl filled with gummy bugs. Have a race to see who can clean out their bowls first…without using their hands!

Bee-bag Toss: A colony of bees is made up of 20,000-60,000 worker bees and one queen. This is a fun and easy game to play at any party. Fill socks with rice or beans and decorate them to look like bumble bees. Make an extra big one to be the queen. Then have a contest by tossing the bee-bags into the beehives (or buckets).

Buzz Words: Have the kids sit in a circle. Pick one person to start Buzz Words. Each guest will take turns making a sentence, one word at a time. The first kid may say, ‘The.’ The next one may say ‘bee,’ and so on. If someone ends a sentence on his or her turn, that person is out, and a new sentence is formed. Keep going until there is a winner!

Watch Bee Movie: Turn on Bee Movie at the end of the party. Every kid loves a cartoon, and it’s the perfect movie for a Bee Party!

Party Food

Bees have been supplying humans with honey for years and years. Incorporate their delicious treat into your party!

Chicken Strips with Honey Dipping Sauce: Make some yummy chicken tenders for your main course. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Mix a quarter cup of honey and a quarter cup of teriyaki sauce. Coat the chicken with the sauce and then bread crumbs, if desired. Cook the chicken for 12-15 minutes.

Honey and Peanut Butter Sandwiches: Toast some bread and spread with peanut butter. Then drizzle honey on top of the peanut butter. Make into a sandwich and cut into quarters. This can be served as a snack or side item to your meal.

Honey Crispers: Mix together a half cup of peanut butter, half cup of honey and half cup of powdered sugar. Stir in one to one and a half cups of rice cereal. Make your mixture into balls for a delicious dessert treat.

Have a fantastic time planning and throwing your Bee themed party. We wish you the best, and encourage you to try to keep your stress to a minimum. Remember, one way to make things easy (and hopefully lower that stress a little) is to order these fantastic Bee party supplies ahead of time.